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Minyta Ventures LLC is based out of Southern Utah.  This simple yet innovative Gang Box Lid is the first proprietary product offered by the Company.  Minyta Ventures is working to make the Gang Box Lid easily accessible for the DIYer and the Pro at large home improvement stores.  In the meantime, the Gang Box Lid can be purchased online directly from this Website, Amazon, and Ebay.


     As a DIYer, I was always frustrated with how challenging it was to make precise cutouts around electrical boxes.  I would periodically make cutout errors trying to jump the bit from the inside of the box to the outside edge of the box.  I tried other helpful products but still had subpar results.  So I came up with this Gang Box Lid idea.  

     I wanted to create a product that I could feel with one quick plunge with a router and bit.  I also wanted to create a product that would easily direct the router bit to the outside edge of the electrical box.  


     I also wanted to create a product that would be easy to locate with a strong magnet. 






Years of construction experience building several personal homes.


As an Owner/Builder, I was able to do most of the build myself including the architecture, plumbing, electrical, drywall, mud, tape, texture, gas install, flooring, cabinets, tiling, painting, door installs, trim work, decking, retaining walls, landscaping, etc.


Since I only hung drywall every 3-5 years I would get frustrated with the drywall cutout process.  This is when I conceptualized the Gang Box Lid idea.




I quickly recognized additional benefits by keeping the lid on during the remaining parts of construction, specifically the protection of the wires/cables and keeping the electrical box clean.


The finish wiring process a lot easier when working with a clean box and clean wires.


I hope to get this product available in retail stores in 2023.  My goal is to make this product available at most large home improvement stores.


Double Gang Box Lids will be developed after the successful store launch of the Single Gang Box Lids. 

In the meantime, please email or call with any questions.


Phone: 435-525-0942

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